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Second Amendment

Hell hath no fury like the Working People’s Republican defending against governmental efforts to take guns away from law-abiding citizens. The 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees us the right to bear arms in order to secure and defend our free State and Nation.

The Georgia Constitution likewise guarantees the right to bear arms, but hard-lining fire-balling conservatives in the Georgia General Assembly are absolutely necessary to defend against any type of State-based intervention regarding the manner in which the citizens are allowed to bear their arms. Gun rights will be protected on my watch.

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The right to life is a self-evident, natural right. I support life from conception to natural death. Babies are gifts from God whose lives shall be respected, protected and honored by state law. As the father of two beautiful little girls, I am prepared to vigorously and vocally defend the right to innocent life on the State House floor for the people of our district and for all of conservative Georgia.

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Pro-Military – Georgia National Guard & Georgia State Defense Force

“September 11” forever changed our country and my generation. In 2004, Zell Miller lit up Madison Square Garden in New York City while delivering the keynote speech at the Republican National Convention for George W. Bush.

In that speech, our then-sitting United States Senator from Young Harris famously called out Democratic presidential-candidate John Kerry’s policies that would have under-funded the U.S. Military and left us with a “spitball” budget to defend the country. That particular speech had a profound impact on my interest in politics.

Sixteen years later, the speech holds true. Many Georgians do not realize that the Georgia National Guard (GNG) and Georgia State Defense Force (GSDF) provide critically important services for the State of Georgia during emergencies and for other special needs of the Governor. The National Guard is also on call for the President Trump to mobilize for defense of the country in times of need.

Well-funded and well-trained armed forces are critically important to the security of the State of Georgia and to the United States in general. We fully support the military at both the state and federal level, and we are willing to speak loudly and proudly on the State House floor for proper and sustained military funding from the bunker up.

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Law Enforcement

Local law enforcement and first responders deserve better than the sub-40k salaries many of them are making while risking their lives to protect the rest of ours. The court system is not currently structured to authorize local courts in under-populated areas (i.e. Lumpkin and Dawson County) to capitalize on the fines and fees otherwise available for collection on all misdemeanor offenses. A top priority will be drafting legislation to authorize these local courts to opt-in for “closing out” more types of cases and to route the associated fines and fees into the local treasury for use by county and city managers for supplementing law enforcement and first responder pay. Folks who save lives and are willing to take bullets for our families simply deserve better than what we are currently able to appropriate. We want to help.

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Accountability Courts

There is nothing finer than watching someone graduate from a drug court, mental health court, DUI court, Veterans court or a family treatment court. I have personally witnessed lives saved and families transformed through the collaborative efforts of accountability courts and the personnel who operate them. These judicially supervised programs treat individuals from all types of backgrounds, as mental illness and addictions do not discriminate based on personal wealth or family name.

Unfortunately, accountability courts are currently on the chopping block for budget cuts, which will not fly. For non-violent offenders, these specialized treatment courts reduce recidivism more effectively than traditional incarceration, and collectively save the state millions of dollars as a viable alternative. If only through application of fiscal conservatism, we need to fight for funding to treat these eligible cases for roughly $4,000 per year instead of spending nearly $20,000 per year in caged-confinement for these addicts, especially when underlying mental health issues are the basis for the non-conforming criminal behavior. As best said by Gov. Nathan Deal at the 100th Drug Court graduation ceremony,” it is simply the right thing to do.”

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Foster Care

Foster care in Georgia needs a hard look at state based-initiatives to engage families who are able to provide sturdy foundations for innocent children in need. Governor Kemp’s recently introduced legislation goes a long way towards meeting those needs, which is an important initiative crossing party-lines.

Upon being seated in Atlanta, I will fight hard for incentives such as tax credits designed to encourage hard-working families to open their arms in love for these children. There is an inherent dignity in being a child of God, and it is terribly important that the children in our foster care system are able to grow up in a stable and loving environment. Service to humanity is no doubt the best work of life, and providing legislation for improved foster care will be the defining fruit of my efforts for House District 9 under the Gold Dome.

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In 2018, Governor Brian Kemp wrote the teachers of Georgia a $5,000.00 check they deserve to cash in full. Many of these educators have relied on this promise in purchasing larger vehicles for the safety of their families, or a house with an extra bed and bath that carries an extra couple hundred dollars per month on the mortgage. Many have even likely purchased new things for their classroom out of their own pocket. I look forward to working with the Governor’s team on finding funds to deliver on this promise to our teachers, and further towards working with the local school districts to ensure that the bump is properly implemented and distributed.

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GA 400 Corridor Development

The construction and use of Northeast Georgia Medical Center – Lumpkin (NGMC-L) will foster a great deal of commercial growth along the GA 400 corridor in Lumpkin and Dawson, providing an opportunity for quality businesses to establish and contribute to the local tax bases while providing quality jobs to the people of House District 9, including those residents of northwest Forsyth County.

“Smart Growth” along the 400-corridor is infinitely important, as uncontrolled growth can become a nightmare. Just as Rep. Tanner and Sen. Gooch were crucial liaisons at the state level for putting the deal together allowing NGMC-L to break ground in the Summer of 2020, I look forward to working with city and county leaders on attracting targeted businesses that provide quality jobs for the hard-working families of House District 9, these same families that are currently travelling to Gainesville, Alpharetta and beyond just to feed themselves and their families.

And while fostering smart growth initiatives, it is also important to protect and preserve the integrity of the Historic Districts in the area while also protecting the natural beauty of the forested regions throughout our House District.

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Workforce Development

Along with the quality-jobs that are undoubtedly coming along the GA 400 Corridor, it is crucial to recruit and train the local workforce of House District 9 for these jobs. I look forward to working with the local school districts for exploratory training and awareness education on skill-based jobs as a lucrative alternative to traditional four-year college. I also look forward to working with the University of North Georgia and Lanier Technical College on special programs designed to educate and train the local workforce, which will make our communities a better place.

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